Women In Mind

Women In Mind (aka WIM) is a women’s lifestyle brand created by entrepreneur and photographer Wasma Mansour. Having spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia and most of her adulthood in East London, Wasma became particularly interested in the self-care needs of busy, independent women across multiple cultures.


Working closely with Wasma, we created a calming and crafted visual universe to support her self-care products. The colours and logo, inspired by Middle Eastern culture, merged with a western aesthetic that creates a unique cross-culture brand ... soft, feminine, tranquil and comfortable.


Since its launch, WIM is seeing good growth and in August 2021 launched their first signature collection in a pop-up on bustling Redchurch Street in the heart of Shoreditch, London. 



Art Direction



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Model photography by Victor Rakosnik










"Studio NinetyOne have helped me make something intangible tangible. It was very reassuring to be working with a team that is cool/calm/collected and can help translate my vision into a reality." Wasma Mansour, WIM Founder

The story behind the silhouettes


As a celabration of the dirverse community that WIM represents, we created 13 silhouettes. Inspired by the strength and form of many of Matisse and Picasso's figurative pieces, the final forms are inclusive, reassuring and decorative. The individual silhouettes and final repeat pattern have become embroidered badges, packaging details and will also feature as printed fabric patterns as part of WIM's debute range of garments.




Inspiration: Picasso, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, 1907 - Matisse, Nus Bleu, 1952.

Behind the scenes: Our first sketches in the studio & Silhouettes being embroidered at The London Embroidery Studio