We believe that confidence is rooted in honesty, clarity and deep understanding.

Knowing your story and knowing how to tell it, knowing your strengths and knowing how to show them, creates a confidence that lets a brand do more than look good. These brands connect and inspire, drive business and nurture talent. 







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Creative Directors Sam Hextall and Sophie Azaïs 





At Studio NinetyOne we have been specialising in brand identity since 2007. Originally based in London we now have offices in UK and in France and work with an ambitious and eclectic group of international clients. The studio is run by creative directors Sam Hextall and Sophie Azais who complement each other with strengths in strategy and design.






Our approach


We work with clients who want an immersive and dedicated approach – a true ally. We can commit to our clients because we fully believe in them and their ventures. This belief in a brand is a critical decider when choosing who to work with.


The way we work is direct, clear & honest and our role is simple, to help grow a business through thoughtful and compelling design. Our immersive approach allows us to understand the true nature of a business and build thoughtful strategic foundations on which engaging, meaningful creative can sit. We want people to relate to, connect and pursue the brands we help.




Our services

- Strategy

- Branding

- Art Direction

- Packaging

- Web Design

- Print

- Editorial Design

- Spacial Design


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