Splendid is one of the UK’s leading events staffing agencies known for supplying charismatic, enthusiastic and adventurous people to star-studded parties around the world. Victims of their own success, Splendid were turning down work during peak season due to a shortage of quality staff. It was clear that Splendid were miss communicating their true values and not gaining a hiring edge over competitors. Respect, diversity and inclusivity are the operating principles, something many claim to embrace but few agencies truly live out. In a sea of corporate ‘sameness’ there was a big opportunity to truly differentiated them among their competitors and show the richness and diversity their staff got from the Splendid community and spectacular events they worked.


Our approach was to focus on Splendid's best asset, their staff. We knew that if we could communicate the charisma, pride and dedication the team brings to their work, we could make it an attractive offer to both new staff and the clients looking for the perfect team for their events. It needed to be a human brand, not another agency treating staff as a commodity. Parties are made with these kinds of people. Our art direction focused on the golden years of hospitality, when staff were proud and respected. This was also a solid nod to the heritage of Splendid.


We reaffirmed Splendid as ‘the’ agency to work for by focusing on the quality and charisma of their people and the character they bring to events. This has helped attract like-minded individuals to the Splendid roster while at the same time reminding clients that Splendid staff will make their event one to remember.



Art direction

Web design

Editorial design






Events photography by Tendayi Dabengwa

Copy by Franklyfluent











The identity transports us behind the scenes and into a world that is full of energy, pride, creativity and hard work. For many of the staff this visual feast, seeing some of the finest venues and gaining backstage access to the glamour and buzz of some of the world's best parties, is what makes working for splendid so attractive.

“I have pride in the product Studio NinetyOne have created. The more we use it, the more we want to use it. It has reconnected me with my company. I didn’t think that it was possible to achieve, but it was. The confidence in our product is now as high as it can be.” Darren Hobbs, Splendid Founder

Staff with charisma and pride


We wanted to create an illustrated icon to represent the charismatic, energetic and proud staff that Splendid attracts and nurtures. We looked for inspiration from vintage bar and spirit brand posters where the waiters were depicted as confident and unique characters, proud of their jobs. In our eyes these people were just as important, and often more interesting, than the guests they were serving. 

The final illustrated icon was given a more contemporary edge, full of movement and joy.




Above: The vintage posters and photography that inspired the illustration style as well as a few initial composition sketches for the final illustration.