Rooted Spices

During a life-changing car journey from London to Mongolia, food journalist Rachel Walker fell completely in love with the vivid bags of spices in the markets of Samarkand. In 2018, after watching how the global coffee and chocolate industries were developing at a fast pace, she decided that it was time for the often-overlooked spice cupboard to catch up. She would bring quality and transparency to a wide, interested market. Rooted Spices was born.


The identity and packaging is a visual celebration of the powerful flavour profiles most associated with spices ... deep & rich and bright & zingy.  The founder's passion for botany and her keenness to celebrate discovery and market transparency led us to introduce cyanotype imagery to the system (more about cyanotypes below).


Rooted Spices are now available in deli's and cafes across the UK and are fast become the chef's choice. We can highly recommend getting your hands on some tins and trying a couple of Rachel's lip-smackingly good recipes!









Cyanotypes by Angela Chalmers


Other credits:

Photography ¬©Rooted Spices

In store photography by Claire Fleck








The origins of the cyanotype


Anna Atkins was an English botanical artist (1799 - 1871) who is considered the first female photographer. Her beautiful work, using the photogram process, was used to illustrate the first photographic botanical book in the 19th century...we were inspired. To celebrate the botanical nature of Rooted's spices we worked with cyanotype artist Angela Chalmers to created a series of cyanotypes that add texture, depth and interest to the packaging.




Top: Original cyanotypes by Anna Atkins

Bottom: Angela Chalmers making cyanotypes in her workshop in Scarborough, UK