Host Home

Stylist and journalist Sophie Warburton knocked on our door in 2018, with a clear idea for a brand. After renovating her house, she was looking for pieces to decorate her new home but the high street offerings felt too “obvious”, while high-end shops were out of budget. Battling against a dominant minimal design style that was at its peak at the time, Sophie decided to create HOST - a home accessories brand where colour is king, quality is key and affordability doesn’t have to mean throw-away.


Working closely with her, we created an identity full of personality, texture and colour. The wordmark is made up of bespoke decorative letter forms that, as individual forms suggest items of homeware or architectural elements, but as a group clearly speak of the eclectic nature of her curated and changing stock. The brand feels natural and honest, a true reflection of Sophie's ambition and tastes. 


With over 20,000 followers on Instagram, Host is growing a large community of both buyers and craftsmen and becoming a strong voice in the interior design world.







Photography credits:

Lifestyle photography ©HostHome








Host not only curates extraordinary home accessories but also works directly with craftsmen and manufacturers in order to offer affordable unique products direct to their customers. This attention to detail and love for craft was an important aspect that we wanted to reflect throughout the branding. Working with a local printer we created stationery and versatile packaging labels printed on subtly textured paper stocks to add colour and detail to the product packaging.

“Working with Studio NinetyOne felt like a real partnership. They encouraged me to think about what I actually wanted, rather than just forcing an idea upon me. It felt like there was an enthusiasm behind the project from Studio NinetyOne’s side.” Sophie Warburton, Host Home Founder