Fabricate Studios

Fabricate is a lighting company with a singular purpose: to inspire and empower designers of light.


"Our passion exists where light meets architecture and space. We take our years of experience in creating customised lighting solutions for projects, and turn them into inspirational products and surfaces for light and space."


As well as fully bespoke lighting solutions, Fabricate offer a range of modular products that lighting designers can utilise with infinite possibilities. These product groups (lines, surfaces and structures) can be combined and modified to perfectly fit a desired application.


Our Identity reflects the core nature of their business. The logo mark and icon are inspired by the physical forms of the products on offer and the grid forming the brand's graphic system is derived from the detail found on their lighting panels. Colour and the interaction of light and darkness was another key theme that we utilised to add vibrant, almost electric energy, giving the brand bags of creative personality. Die-cut project folders offered a different way to interact with light, reinforcing and encouraging creative play and experimentation.


Our art direction for the product images led to the creation of vibrant 3D renders showing the given product interacting in abstract architectural spaces. A solution that we felt both clearly illustrates the product and also inspires creativity without pre-defining usage. 


The result is an aspirational and energetic brand that combines the highly technical with the highly creative. Unique in the market and set to inspire designers in a new and engaging way. 




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