Brock Media

Brock Media is a new and highly ambitious production company founded by Sarah Brocklehurst. We were approached to work on building an identity that would not only portray her sheer ambition and the quality of the productions, but it also had to be inclusive and inspiring to attract and retain the very best talent. Without this magnetic draw for talent, the productions would not excel. Brock media focuses on human, inclusive stories and its team, culture and ethos reflect that too, readdressing the imbalance of women and Asian talent within the sector. We were particularly struck by Sarah's strength, ambition and tenacity. The brand needed to be bold, timeless and global.


Our approach was to focus on the idea of storytelling. Not just the incredible stories that the production company would be bringing to life, but also the story of Brock Media itself.


Our strategy was distilled into a single line;



Bold, ambitious, confident and fearless. On the one hand, it speaks of their ability to champion the stories their writers tell, purely focused on the story  telling itself. But on the other hand, it speaks of the company's inevitable headline-grabbing rise over the coming years. All the while the 'we' is inclusive and generous. Its about team and collaboration.


The Brock Media story starts here.



Web design














The identity features a simple reversed 'K' in the logo, the resulting arrow pointing forward with confidence driving the company on. We also loved the subtle reference to the play and pause buttons associated with media players ... a retro touch to an otherwise timeless, modern marque.

“I could not be happier with the new company branding and everything that contributed to the launch. We couldn't have hoped for more. We really truly wildly nailed it!!! and the response has been incredible. You really got it (and me) and helped push the confidence, flair and distinctive inspiring ethos of this new company. I couldn't have done this in the same way without you guys.” Sarah Brocklehurst, Brock Media Founder