Basis London

Basis London's purpose is to help people realise their full human potential, developing high-performance bodies, calm minds and true connection.

The founders, already running a successful Cross Fit gym, wanted to focus on the elemental components of great well-being missing in much of what their competitors offer. The BASIS gym brings together a broad range of methodologies and practices for training both the body and the mind. The classes span functional fitness, strength training, endurance, gymnastics and weightlifting as well as meditation, breathwork and restoration.


Our strategic approach was to focus on balancing the fundamental elements and methodologies that the gym would be driven by. We built up a logo and system comprising solely of base colours and base shapes. The resulting system has flexibility and movement whilst also keeping a foot firmly in the sports space, with connotations of traditional gymnasium floor markings. Space and colour would allow the system to calmly breathe, reasserting that the mind is also of utmost importance here. Our art direction and subsequent shoot created images that emphasised muscle and mind.


At launch, BASIS represents the future of the gym experience, a holistic approach to realising happiness and high performance. Refined, clear, and different.



Art direction

Website design 





Photography by Joe McGorty









A grid and logo marque born from a universal graphic language


The Basis logo marque and supporting system grid were inspired by the flexible floor markings of a multi-use sports hall or gymnasium. Basis is flexible in its offer and space but controlled and measured in its approach. The 'B' logo marque is a refined arrangement of fundamental shapes set to subtly nod to the familiar sports setting markings.