Bar Douro

Bar Douro is a restaurant and wine shop with a mission to bring the spirit of Portugal to the UK through authentic food, regional wines and the celebration of cultural stories. Founder Max Graham spent his childhood in Portugal where his family business Churchill’s is based. Max's family have been producing wine in the Douro Valley for over two centuries. Max couldn’t understand why Portuguese food & wine was so poorly represented in London and saw an opportunity.


It was clear from the start the importance of creating a truly Portuguese identity that would feel comfortable, honest and authentic without being pastiche or cliche. The restrained identity features a bespoke typeface and colour palette directly inspired by traditional Portuguese tiles and the street signs of Porto. We worked closely with the interior designer to achieve a look that speaks as much of London, as it does of the restaurant’s Portuguese roots.


After a very successful debut in London Bridge, Bar Douro now has a second site in the heart of the City as well as a street food spin-off called Roulote serving delicious traditional Biffanas! You can see our branding for Roulote here.




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